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Wassup Rocker Radio #169

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WorldFamous #WRRRocks Show tonight join us at 12am EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds 

1 On Off 1:59 Thee Artificial Rejects TJ Cabot

2 Son of Sam 2:44 Some Hearts Some Hearts

3 Radio 2:24 PWR POP Mendenhall

4 She’s Melting 2:47 She’s Melting (Australia) Baby Candy

5 Fuck I’m Bored 1:45 Eat Shit And Cry Kitten Fight

6 If You Go 2:43 Beautiful You The Outta Sites

7 Christine’s Coming Over 3:15 Rotation The Airport 77s

8 The Wanderer (Dion Cover) 2:50 Split Record w/ Foxy Contin Creem Circus

9 Let It All Hang Out (Hombres Cover) 3:27 Split Record w/ Creem Circus Foxycontin

10 Down The Side Street 2:35 s/t The Discs

11 Time Has Gone 1:54 Demo 2020 (All Girl Band Switzerl… MAMBA BITES

12 Blood Hunger Forever 0:58 Blood Hunger Demo Kontaminate

13 Oversimplification 0:55 Auditory Postcards Modern Cynics

14 Born To Be Alive (Patrick Hernand… 2:35 Rising Singles Club ATO Records Amyl and the Sniffers

15 Crumple 2:12 s/t Beauty

16 Public Hanging 2:53 Demo 2020 Bloodstains

17 Barber Girl 2:41 Split with The Hum Hums Saturday Night Karaoke

18 Marionette 1:37 Split with Saturday Night Karaoke The Hum Hums

19 Summer of Girls 2:29 Eat Shit And Cry Kitten Fight

20 What’s Inside 3:10 She’s Melting (Australia) Baby Candy

21 Video Girl 2:55 PWR POP Mendenhall

22 Black Cherry Soda 4:02 Some Hearts Some Hearts

23 Nowhere To Go 2:05 Thee Artificial Rejects TJ Cabot

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