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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Frank Figliuzzi (“The FBI Way”, NBC)

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“We Will Get Through This”

Frank Figliuzzi was with the FBI for 25 years, most notably serving as the Bureau’s Assistant Director who headed the counterintelligence division. He also was appointed the FBIs chief inspector position, overseeing sensitive internal inquiries. A graduate of Fairfield University and UConn School of Law, Figliuzzi currently is a Nationaal Security analyst for NBC news and an in-demand public speaker. His new book “The FBI Way” is a user-friendly tour through the bureau’s code of excellence. Figliuzzi demonstrates that not only are the core values of code, conservancy, clarity, consequences, compassion, credibility and consistency hallmarks of the FBI, they are universal truths that could guide anyone in any discipline through any situation. In this chat, Figliuzzi talks to Alex about repairing a tarnished reputation, intentional versus unconscious error and whether or not he and James Comey are pals. And he also tells Alex of this tumultuous time in our nation’s history: “We will get through this.”

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