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EatKS Presents: Do You Even Bandcamp Bro? Episode 1

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EatKS Presents: Do You Even Bandcamp Bro?  Episode 1

A start of a new series perhaps? I do love Bandcamp and Bandcamp has done so much for artists during these trying times with COVID. Each month this year they waived their fees on a Friday so that the artists and labels get 100% of the money.  They plan to continue this through 2021.

With my grassroots word of mouth #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping hashtag a very tiny community of music junkies post their favourite bands that they have found and it is a great rabbit hole of music genres. Hashtags aren’t just about trends, they are also search engines. 

A lot of these picks are from 2020 so despite 2020 being a crappy year for everything else, some killer music was still put out. You might say that is a glass half full, I see a glass that can always be filled.

Thanks for listening and once again thanks to Bombshell Radio for their continuing support in airing my shows no matter how infrequent they are. 

Antibalas – “MTTT Pt. 1& 2” 

Kalle Mattson – “Kids on the Run”

Hazy Sour Cherry – “Hot Summer Night”

Lost Horizons – “I Woke Up With An Open Heart”

Dub Pistols – “Bank Robber”

Handle – “Rubber Necks”

Faith – “In Control”

TOMMIE AND THE COMMIES- “Straight Jackets”

The Slackers – “Nobody’s Listening”

The Black Fever -” Keep You”

BLKJK – “Chrome”

Annabelle Chairlegs – “Candy Apple Red”

War On Women – “In Your Path”

Futuro -” Madamentos”

Oh Sees – “Electric War”

Wax Fang – “Holy Fire” 

Era Bleak – Tinder Box

Bigmamma Shockin’ 3- Legal Matter

Pussy Gillette – Walking Crime 

Tommy McCook – Grassroots

Witch Prophet – MAKDA Remix featuring LATASHA

Yuno – Sunlight 

Inject the Light – The Apocalypse Is Boring

Bob Mould – The Best Thing

Batunga & the Subprines – Gates of Ouantou


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