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Generating Steam Heat #270

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Mondays Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Generating Steam Heat Bombshell Radio 4pm EST 9pm BST 1pm PDT 

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Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight (From the No Future Records EP ‘All Out Attack’ 1981)
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (From the self titled Sire Records album 1976) 
Negative Approach – Never Surrender (from the Taang Records album ‘Nothing Will Stand In Our Way’ 2011)
Fatal Blow – Warriors (From the Mad Butcher Records album ‘Victamized’ 2019)
Attak – Todays Generation (No Future Records 7’’ 1982)
Blitz – Voice Of A Generation (From the No Future Records album ‘Voice Of A Generation’ 1982)
Stress – Playing Games (Out Of Town Records 7’’ 1981)
Hard Skin – New Age (From the No Future Records ‘Hard Skin/FuckedUp’ split 7’’ 2007)
Rose Of Victory – Suffragette City (No Future Records 7’’ 1983)
Lou Reed – Vicious (From the RCA Record album ‘Transformer’ 1972)
Rose Of Victory – Overdrive (B side of the No Future Records 7’’ ‘Suffragette City’ 1983) 
Joy Division – Disorder (From the Factory Records album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ 1979)
Blitz – Telecommunication (Future Records 7’’ 1983)
Blitz – Husk (Dance Mix) (B side of the Future Records 12’’ ‘Solar’ 1983)
Nidge Miller/Gary Basnett – Lady Anne (From the Skunx Recordings album ‘The Killing Dream’ 1990)
Epic Problem – Propaganda (From the All In Vinyl Records ‘Epic Problem/Needles’ Pins split 7’’ 2018)  
Dead Hero – Solar (From the Primator Crew Records album ‘ALRDMM/Todo O Nada’ 2020)



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