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For the Record Nov 25 2020

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Bombshell Radio For The Record Wednesday’s 5pm EST, #Radio, #alternative,#Classics,#NewMusic, #ZadokStrawberry , #ForTheRecord, @Jimbo20012 

55:32 “Zadok Strawberry”,”Adams Mill II-B”

39:46 “Candy L. & Glenn Sogge”,”A Haunted Temple At Angkor Wat”

36:57 “Empathy Test”,”Vampire Town”

33:17 “Empathy Test”,”Burroughs & Bukowski”

29:24 “Empathy Test”,”Losing Touch”

21:57 “Gary Numan”,”White Boys And Heroes”

16:40 “Gary Numan”,”Are Friends Electric”

13:16 “Tubeway Army”,”Me, I Disconnect From You”

09:56 “Iggy Pop”,”Neighborhood Threat”

05:17 “Iggy Pop”,”The Passenger”

01:08 “Iggy Pop”,Nightclubbing


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