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Ola’s Kool Kitchen #426

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Ola’s Kool Kitchen on later today Wednesday 9pm BST on Bombshell Radio dreaming the pain away with Hello Forever, The Bats, Astronomers of the Strange, Vanessa Anne Redd, I Know I Know, MEMES, BATBAIT, Brutus Begins & Slow Pulp.

1.      Hello Forever-Some Faith- Whatever It Is-Rough Trade

2.      The Bats-Trade in Silence-Foothills-Flying Nun

3.      Astronomers of the Strange- A Ribbon on Your Loneliness-single-self release

4.      Vanessa Anne Redd-Dark Minds-single-Shark Attack Records

5.      I Know I Know-Talk-single-self release

6.      Memes-So What-single-Fierce Panda Records

7.      BatBait-Telly-single-Cold Storage Records

8.      Rob feat. Sonia Sanchez – Don’t Kill Dub-Don’t Kill-Source Records

9.      Brutus Begins-Alright Alright-single-self release

10.   Pharoah Sanders – Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah-Jewels of Thought-Impulse Records

11. Slow Pulp-Falling Apart- Moveys-Winspear



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