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The Mike Rogers Show #77

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST

Mike Rogers Show #77

suasanasabtupagi – I’m OK                3:26

Alice Kat          Temporary High                      3:33

Periwinkles – Sweet And Summer Love                     3:30

Madisyn Whajne         Sweet Talk                  2:54

Sakuran Zensen         Taxi Man                     3:50

Jody and the Jerms    Belong             3:28

Alice Kat          Look Back With Love              3:59

Kelly Muff        デザート・エゴ                      2:33

Bad Mary        05 – Soul Mate            2:09

Standing Crew            Cheap Girls                 3:29

Beauty in Chaos         Temple of Desire (Box Cutter Mix) ft. Rafe Pearlman                       3:46

fine.     Card Tower                 2:37

Alice Kat          You’re A Star              3:29

The Pats Pats Girls Talk                     3:06

THE LET’S GO’s         Traveling Girl              3:46

fine.     Love That I Want                    2:27

New Twentys  Inside Out                   3:40

Titty Twister    A5 – Speedball Baby               3:06

Alice Kat          I’ve Got Habits            2:15

Moritaka Chisato         rock’n’omelet               2:31

The Nightcrawlers      The Little Black Egg               3:03

Periwinkles – Happy Girl                     3:24

Jody and the Jerms    Since Yesterday                     2:36

Angels My Boyfriend’s Back               2:38

Alice Kat          Glitter All Around                    4:21

Periwinkles – Screw Driver                 3:41

Rooibos – She Said                4:03

suasanasabtupagi – Anthem No. 9                 4:52

Two Ball Loo   Debu (Demo)              4:27

Bristol Stingrays          Ticket from Home                   3:15

Natsuki            Topaz              4:11



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