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Bombshell Radio For The Record Wednesday’s 5pm EST, #Radio, #alternative,#Classics,#NewMusic, #ZadokStrawberry , #ForTheRecord, @Jimbo20012 

52:16 “Whettman Chelmets”,”Road of Trials”

48:30 “Whettman Chelmets”,”Guarded Threshold”

44:10 “Danni Rowan”,”Hall Of Trees”

40:50 “Danni Rowan”,”Nostalgia Is Depressing”

32:59 “Jigsaw Sequence”,”The Fragile Mind”

32:06 “Jigsaw Sequence”,”Day One”

24:20 “Jigsaw Sequence”,Happiness

20:12 “Empathy Test”,”Empty Handed”

15:31 “Empathy Test”,”Bare My Soul”

11:40 “Empathy Test”,”Losing Touch”

07:00 “New Order”,”Leave Me Alone”

01:01 “New Order”,”Your Silent Face”


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