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It’s showtime and it’s time to check out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox and a few new discoveries we felt the urge to share.

Thanks to all the Labels, Artists and PR companies that sent in tracks this week

Artwork : DarkmoonArt_de


  1. True Romance / Abbie Ozard
  2. Kill Me / Sundara Karma
  3. Myself / Beware! Beware!
  4. Urban Sprawl / Jonathan Seet
  5. Boxcar / Haley Woolbright
  6. Quiet Air-Gioia / Fleet Foxes
  7. I don’t want the world to end / shy kids
  8. will I get canceled if I write a song called if you were a man you’d be so canceled / Illuminati hotties
  9. Are You For Real / Model Society
  10. Fall a Little More in Love / The Riptide Movement
  11. Garth / Husbands
  12. Back on a Winner / The Velvet Hands
  13. Child Of The Flatlands / Maximo Park
  14. Follow / Lava Suit
  15. The Use Of My Belonging / Tempers
  16. Catch A Wave / Don’t Fear The Natives
  17. Moving / The Happy Fits
  18. Lost In Mullumbimby / Benjamin Taggart
  19. That’s All It Is / The Snuts
  20. The Swirl / Ten Million Lights
  21. Requeen The Hive / TV Face
  22. Means, motive, opportunity / The Amber Bugs
  23. Mars, the God of War / The Beths
  24. Little Cheryl / Not Now Norman
  25. Cherub / Ball Park Music
  26. Which Way Out / The Reverse
  27. How It All Went Down / Sunstack Jones
  28. Come Back When It’s Over / Ten Katestraat
  29. Night On Earth / Penny In Space
  30. Really Really / Baby Shakes

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