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The Mike Rogers Show #70

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Mike Rogers Show :

Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST

Mike Rogers Show #70


Annie Taylor   02 Telephone              2:49

Natalie Sweet I Still Want You                       3:10

Sakuran Zensen         ロッキンロール                      2:51

Zac the Locust            Leap In The Dark mix 5 2                   2:58

SHOTGUN RUNNERS          Lemonade Boy                       3:05

Kats! Tarui Band         Super Speed Spirits               3:21

Long Ryders   Down To The Well.m6                        4:07

KnightressM1  Desolation Heartbreak                        4:13

VIGIL OF WAR           SPOON FED              3:17

Carvels            01 I WANNA BE WELL                      2:24

Justine and the Unclean         Fourth Love                2:55

THE LET’S GO’s         222                  2:37

The Corner Laughers The Calculating Boy               2:52

The Roogs      Sidestep                      4:09

The Silverbeets           We Mattered (Once Upon a Time)                 2:52

TheRockyts – All of the Time_    2:05

ReMission International          TOS2020 (radio edit)              3:41

Sleez Sisters   No Way                       2:17

Pulse Park      Apollonian Heart                     3:20

Sakuran Zensen         夕焼けニャンニャンズのテーマ                     1:18

Beaters Band  HANG ON SLOOPY               3:29

Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes     In My Backyard                       3:42

The Short Fuses         The Pink                      4:02

            The Turnback – She Had A Name                  3:12

Mineko Nishikawa      あなたにあげる                      3:47

The Shangri-Las         Give Him A Great Big Kiss                 2:08

Twiggy Branches        08 Dr. Dealer v1-MP3-REF                3:45

Sino Hearts     05 Growing Apart                    2:32

Kill the Giants be there to catch you              3:14

Sakuran Zensen         タクシーマン              3:51

Tetrao Urogallus         Tetrao Urogallus                     5:38

The Drawbars Shout              3:53

BAXTR            BAXTR – Feathers by BAXTR                        2:54

Kamino Royale – Live For The Rise, Die For The Fall                       3:58

Annie Taylor   07 Made up My Mind              2:27

Natsuki            Topaz              4:11


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