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Wassup Rocker Radio #154

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WorldFamous #WRRRocks Show is on Sundays at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on https://bombshellradio.comWassup Rocker Radio #146
WorldFamous #WRRRocks Show is on Tonight at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds

1 No Ticket (Orlando Florida) 1:45 s/t Cherry Cheeks

2 Infinity X2 (UK) 3:47 Weird Feelings Magick Mountain

3 Hollywood Blvd 5:39 Space Rangers (1974) Neil Merryweather

4 Ladies Night (New Zealand) 1:44 Chop! Dick Move

5 Model Village (UK) 3:55 Ultra Mono IDLES

6 Born Lonely 3:21 Short Songs for End Times The Casket Lottery

7 Save Our Souls (Switzerland) 2:33 Atoll Bikini Beach

8 Moi Et Toi/Toi Et Moi (France) 3:11 S/T Fleur

9 Cling Wrap (Australia) 1:57 Who Needs Smarts, Anyway Smarts

10 Mud 2:37 Get Wise Attic Salt

11 Fast Love (Australia) 3:35 Children of Finland Fighting in Nor… C.O.F.F.I.N

12 Media Control (Italy) 1:45 You Said I’d Never Make It 7″ Freddie Williams and the Plutoniu…

13 Girl Cactus 1:33 Too Prickly For This World Wife Patrol

14 She Took My Heart and Soul (L.A.) 4:23 She Took My Heart and Soul 7″ The Premonitions

15 The Right Kind of Trouble 3:43 The Right Kind of Trouble The Fancy Underthings

16 Roles (Warsaw Poland) 1:37 Walls Pleasure Trap

17 Hazel (Dayton) 2:52 s/t Houseghost

18 People Are Shit 1:31 Don’t Let Em Grind You Down The Deli-Boys

19 King Cobra (UK) 3:28 Weird Feelings Magick Mountain

20 Femoids Attack (New Zealand) 1:50 Chop! Dick Move

21 Minimum Wage 1:51 s/t Cherry Cheeks



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