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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Robby Krieger (The Doors)

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“Golf, Tennis And Reggae”

You might not expect a conversation with Robby Krieger to cover those three topics, but this one does. Look, the former Doors guitarist has been interviewed to death and we wanted to try to offer a different kind of chat with this rock and roll legend. The L.A. born Krieger is one of the greatest guitar players of all time and although he might be best known for his riveting work with the Doors, his seven solo albums really showcase his dexterity a player. His work is inventive, deft, experimental and classic. His phrasing, his innovations and his freedom as a player, make you realize that Krieger works from an expansive canvas. His new album The Ritual Begins At Sundown makes that abundantly clear—produced by Arthur Barrow who played bass for Frank Zappa, the instrumental album has a Zappa cover, a new reading of The Doors’ “Yes, The River Knows,” and 8 other tracks that showcase Krieger’s mastery and finesse. In this conversation Krieger talks to me about why he was never a huge fan of Frank Zappa, sinking his second boat and why Jim Morrison was the best collaborator he ever worked with. He also talks about getting hit in the eye with a tennis ball, how playing the guitar may or may not be like playing golf and his upcoming reggae record.



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