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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Arjay Smith (“Perception”) Michael Charles Roman (“Grace And Frankie”)

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“Day By Day”

Well, that kind of perfectly describes the life of an artist. Because one never knows when they’ll book a series, or sell a painting, or get a gig supporting U2 on a world tour, most artists just take things one day at a time. And that has its challenges, but those challenges are expected—they’re part of the game. What’s not expected are things that happen out of nowhere that have nothing to do with the universe I just described. Like for example, when your union informs you out of nowhere that your benefits and your pension have been severely compromised. In this engaging conversation with actors Arjay Smith (“Perception,” “The Day After Tomorrow”) and Michael Charles Roman (“Grace and Frankie” “Keeping The Faith”), the two men talk about being blindsided by news that could negatively affect the lives
of thousands of working actors. A great chat about booking roles, not booking roles and fighting back, this is a seamless and riveting conversation that gives a rare glimpse into an actor’s life.



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