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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Shannon McArdle Returns! (The Mendoza Line)

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“When I’m Not Having Fun I Miss The Fun We Have”

That’s what Shannon McArdle texted me after our latest chat. And it’s true—we DO have a ton of fun when we talk. And this latest conversation is no exception. Shannon and I seem to operate on the same weird frequency—we’re both wildly tangential, anecdotal
and discursive. This installment finds Shannon talking about learning to ride a bike again, being born sad and promising me that she’ll take the guitar off the wall behind her and start work on her new album. The former Mendoza Line singer is one of the finest voices in music and her solo career makes a great case that she’s also one of the most gifted songwriters we’ve got. Shannon also talks about the music scene in Athens, Georgia, why she gives cards on weird anniversaries and she assures us all that she won’t be getting scurvy, in spite of her reticence to eat fruit. This conversation means Shannon is tied for first place with the Coronas Danny O’Reilly for most appearances on the podcast. She’ll be back again in September to climb to the top of the heap….



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