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TUESDAYS Bombshell Radio Alternate Universe 5pm-6pm EST bombshellradio.comAlternate Universe Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)#AlternateUniverse, #indierock, #BombshellRadio, #alternative, #rock, #Classics, #Radioshow, #NewMusicRepeats Wednesday’s 1am EST

Patience – Guns N’ Roses

Victory – the Avett Brother

Wrong Side of Heaven – Five Finger Death Punch

Death by Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Pretty Reckless

I love Rock ‘n’Rroll – Joan Jett

Shakin off the Rust – The Blue Stones

One Thousand Apologies – Demon Hunter

Time – Davis

Bullet with a Name – nonpoint Fire underwater Ghost Hounds

Diamond Eyes – Shinedown 

Club Zero – The Go-Gos

Far Away – Breaking Benjamin

Social Cues – Cage the Elephant

Stone Cold – Rainbow


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