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Radio Hootenanny Late June 2020

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THURSDAY’S Radio Hootenanny Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm EST

 Repeats Fridays 2am-3am EST #RadioHootenanny , #Radioshow , #DJSkip, #Alternative, #Indie,#Rock ,,#IndieRock, #Canadian, #CollegeRock, #BombshellRadio

radio hootenanny theme – skipthedj & mitch girio*

melt – scratch*

fight yourself – tanblonde*

separation anxiety – ancient shapes*

race with the devil – ian blurton’s future now*

heartache – UIC*

who’s got the bombs – tricky woo*

borderline – shoemaker levee*

push – winnie brave*

space – tv freaks*

your world is my mystery gift – fet.nat*

as long as you like – the golden dogs*

fluorescent – double date with death*

folded hands – sauna*

building an entrance – organ eyes* 

lifeboat man – the dreadnoughts*

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