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Stereo Embers The Podcast: KatieJane Garside (Liar, Flower, Ruby Throat, Daisy Chainsaw)

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“Ride The Waves As They Present Themselves”

In many ways that’s what KatieJane Garside has been doing her whole life.She traveled the world by sea with her parents and sister as a kid and now, all these years later, she’s doing the same thing with a family of her own.Great poetry, great novels and great art has been inspired by the ocean and Garside’s new musical project Liar, Flower, can be added to that list.An extension of her beloved band Ruby Throat, Liar, Flower’s arresting debut Geiger Counter is delicious poetic menace that’s filled with bees, birds, badgers, and blood and it’s all delivered by way of Garside’s inimitable growl and purr. Part feral folk and part raw rock and roll, Geiger Counter is one of the most affecting albums you’ll ever hear. In this engaging conversation, Garside sits down withAlex and they talk about her lifelong devotion to the creative process, why she doesn’t recognize herself on video, how her dedication to mediation helps free her stream of consciousness and why she doesn’t listen to the news…

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