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From Whispers To Screams/ Session #37 / Obscure Progg

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A handful of groups reserved for a select minority, some with a broad and minimally recognized career, others with a short and already forgotten life.
All moving between progressive rock and psychedelic hard rock, even folk. Some of the first copies of these records are treasures in the hands of vinyl collectors.

  1. Gone With The Mouse – Fuchsia
  2. House With No Door – Van der Graaf Generator
  3. Grace Darling – The Strawbs
  4. Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss – Caravan
  5. Dawning Of A New Day – Czar
  6. Munich – Cressida
  7. Time and Illusion – Raw Material
  8. Darkside – Dark
  9. Green Eyed God – Steel Mill
  10. Reflections – Catapilla
  11. The Death Of Alda – Julian Jay Savarin
  12. Nothing You Do – Audience
  13. Butty’s Blues – Coloseum
  14. Diana – Comus
  15. Opening Move – Gryphon
  16. I Could Never Be A Soldier – Gnidrolog
  17. Never Like This – Family
  18. The Four Horsemen – Aphrodite’s Child

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