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Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #341

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Slade – Shapes Of Things To Come (Sladest LP) 

The Bumblebats – Move It On Ouevre (Standing In The Shadows Of Moncton EP) 

Muck and The Mires – This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely (Single)

The Plastic Pals – Plastic Pal (Single)

High On Stress – Work Release (Hold Me In LP)

Max Frost And The Troopers – A Change Is Gonna Come (Shape Of Things To Come LP)

Venus – You’re Alright I guess (Wicked Things EP)

Watts – Seventeen (Single)

Tommy and The Rockets – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Single)

Rooni – Sturm Un Drang (Single)

Badfinger – Just A Chance (Wish You Were Here LP) 1974

The Smoggers – Your Lies (Tonight Single B)

Brat Curse – Who Do You Call (Brat Curse LP)

Billy Ocean – Love Really Hurts Without You (Single)

Hank Idory – Por Primera Vez (Single) (For The First Time)

The Magic E’s – Hope (Single) 

Batteries Not Included – Winning Ticket (Hey Hey Hey LP)

Man Bear – Here Comes Chan (Single)

The Newds – Soul Pony (?)

Super 8 – Keep The Home Fires Burning (Head Sounds LP)

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