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Wassup Rocker Radio #130

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WorldFamous #WRRRocks Show is on Tonight at Midnight EST right after my pal Mike Rogers’ Show on #GarageRock, #Punk,#LoudRockNRoll,#NewMusic,#SickSounds

1 Quarentine 1:20 Solidarity! Mort Clique Compilation Fernando & The Teenage Narcs
2 The Future is Garbage 1:04 Jim Moronson and the Doors Jim Moronson and the Doors
3 Get Outta Punk 2:42 ‘Apocalyptic Rock’ EP No Fix
4 At The Bottom 3:56 Skeletons The Routes
5 My Boy Was There 3:13 iii Ohmns
6 Waste 2:00 S/T PLEASE
7 Seventeen 3:27 Seventeen b/w When The Party… Watts
8 ACAB 4:22 The Kno Nothings
9 Grease 2:41 Solidarity! Mort Clique Compilation Priors
10 Flesh Flowers 2:08 Solidarity! Mort Clique Compilation Vaguess
11 Debra 2:07 Its So Boring Dicklord
12 Mil Pedazos 3:30 Music For Gloves Compilation Macarrones
13 Doing The Right Thing 2:16 Music For Gloves Compilation Girlatones
14 Sickle Girl 2:35 Music For Gloves Compilation The Angry Breed
15 Can’t Seem To Make You Mine 3:58 Music For Gloves Compilation True Stories
16 She May Call You Up Tonight 2:28 Music For Gloves Compilation Bikini Wipeouts
17 Burning Brown 3:01 Music For Gloves Compilation The Right Nows
18 Tú me quieres matar 1:57 Music For Gloves Compilation Thee Braindrops
19 Greased 3:51 S/T PLEASE
20 It’s My Time 2:44 Skeletons The Routes
21 Dece Bece Crece

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