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“If It Doesn’t Make Sense I Just Don’t Do It”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, it sure does to John Dolmayan. The System of a Down drummer has reached a point in his life where if something seems pointless, he sees no reason to even bother. That said, when John Dolmayan does do something, he does it with 100% purpose, commitment and heart. His first solo album, which operates under the moniker These Grey Men, is a burning testament to his life’s mission statement. A muscular platter of covers of songs by Radiohead, the Talking Heads and David Bowie, Dolmayan gathered an all-star group of musicians to assist him on his album. From Tom Morello to Serj Tankian,Dolmayan’s murderers row of guests on this record really make it shine. In this honest and candid chat, Dolmayan talks to Alex about listening to Iron Maiden and Stan Getz, why he sees no point in practicing, and how when he was a kid, mix tapes were the keys to the world. He also talks about the power of SOD’s democracy, and why it’s okay to have disagreements with your brother-in-law.

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