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FOR THE RECORD – Nov 27, 2019

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57:19 Minutemen,”Dr. Wu”

42:49 “Katie Gately”,Bracer

39:09 “Katie Gately”,”Last Day”

35:28 “April + VISTA”,”Every Void”

29:18 Paperbark,”Safe in a Tiny Velvet Pouch”

24:28 Paperbark,”The Time I Tried to Keep It”

19:38 “Forest Robots”,”Deep in the Milky Way Spectrum”

14:48 “Forest Robots”,”In the Late Autumn Afternoon Rainstorm”

11:28 “Empathy Test”,”A River Loves a Stone”

07:38 “Empathy Test”,”Seeing Stars”

05:38 “Empathy Test”,Kirrilee


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