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Generating Steam Heat 223

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Monday’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)Generating Steam HeatBombshell Radio 4pm EST 9pm BST 1pm PDT #punk #newmusic #60sClassics #Ska #60sGarage #StitcherRadio #Itunes #BombshellRadio

Amyl and the Sniffers-Gacked On Anger (From the elf titled Rough Trade Records album 2019)
DA!-Dark Room (Autumn Records 7’’ 1981)
Feral Five-Ego (Primitive Light Recordings digital single 2019)
David Hasselhoff with James Williamson-Open Your Eyes (From the Cleopatra Record album ‘Open Your Eyes’ 2019)
CATBEAR-Unrequited Love (Self released digital single 2019)
The Proletariat-Move (From th Boss Tuneage Records album ‘Move’ 2019)
Austerity-White Men (From the Everyman His Own Football Records album ‘Anarcho Punk Dance Party’ 2019)
Dream Nails-Corporate Realness (Alcopop! Records 7’’ 2019)
Gemma Freeman-Smalltown Boy (From the Alcopop! Records compilation ‘The World According To Lomana Lua Lua’ 2019)
Soot Sprite-Vs.Self (From the Specialist Subject Records EP ‘Sharp Tongue’ 2019)
Chastity Belt-Rav-4 (From the self titled Hardly Art Records album 2019)
Gunka-Walk Away (Self released digital single 2019)
Crowbar-Hippy Punks (Skin Head Records 7’’ 1983)
Descendents-Silly Girl (From the New Alliance Records album ‘I Don’t Want To Grow Up’ 1985)
Jawbreaker-Jet Black (From the Geffen Records album ‘Dear You’ 1995)
Crass-Do They Owe Us A Living? (Frpm the Crass Records album ‘The Feeding Of The 5000-The Crassical Collection’ 2018)
Sunny War-Do They Owe Us A Living? (Digital track 2011)



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