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Bluetown Electronica Nov 5 2019

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Black Marble – Never Tell

Todd Baker – Impossible Worlds

Clark – The Pining Part 2

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

Vague Notion – Invisible man

Lovecraft – Maybe

Alpinestars – Smash it up

Dark Arts Club – Next to you

Opal Krush – Ecosis

Eurythmics – Monkey Monkey

Blancmange – Sad Day

Cabaret Voltaire – Do Right

OMD – Pretending to see the future (live 1983)

Eric C Powell – Sunshine

Jesus Jones – Info Freako (PWL remix )

Forest Robots – The Clouds That First Gather At The Mountains

Alice Hubble – Kick the Habit ( Rodney Cromwell remix )

Black Marble – Shoulder

Boards of Canada – Telepath

Oneohtrix Point Never – Sand Partina

Holy Other – Yr Love

Tim Hecker – Studio Suicide, 1980

Tiny Magnetic Pets – Girl in a white dress

Man Without Country – Forever Endeavour ( The New Division remix )

Baltic Fleet – Rovereto

Jeff McCall – New Romantics

Maschine Brennt – Trick


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