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The Mike Rogers Show #22

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Mike Rogers Show :
Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST  / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


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Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST

Elizabeth II No One Cares 3:41

Lucie,Too キミに恋 [Kimi ni Koi ] 3:30

baby shakes Nowhere Fast 2:00

The Muffs Down Down Down 1:33

Wallflower Only in My Dreams 3:29

The Out-Islanders Ebb Tide 2:15

Bad Mary Addicted 2 1:52

COOKAI dress 2:50

Small Dogs Bite Angry 3:42

The Pomegranate County Irregulars Placebo Jones 3:42

THE LET’S GO’s Traveling Girl 3:46

Combat and Ruler All I Want 2:10

Wayne Hussey Wither On The Vine (Radio Edit) 4:32

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra Blues In The Night 3:05

baby shakes Cause a Scene 2:55

dark the giant Still Alive 3:01

More Kicks What A Mess You Make 2:00

Hexed 5. The Witch 1:58

baby shakes Modern Girl Renegade 2:35

Brigitte Handley After Dark 4:09

Pats Pats Heart eyes (Peach Kelli Pop cover) 3:01

Pete Milo Mixed up Shook Up 2:10

Colm Gavin good morning stephanie 3:29

GEN POP Golden Years 3:34

Svetlanas Soviet Assasin 2:26

The Crystals Then He Kissed Me 2:36

baby shakes Down 3:26

Northern Revelation Back In Your Box 3:22

Healthy Junkies Kill The Hate 4:04

Kiss Rock and Roll All Nite 2:47

Audra Tired Friends 2:33

BimBamBoomKiller Bee 3:46

The Eyeberries Riot On The Cemetery Street 2:36

Rock Juice 6 Pack 2:01

Josie Cotton 11_Fine As You Are_mastered_V2(16bit 3:30

Kyle Falconer Love The Way You Lie 4:26

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