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Radio Hootenanny Late September 2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)Bombshell Radio THURSDAY’S Radio Hootenanny Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm EST repeats Fridays 3am-4am EST #RadioHootenanny , #Radioshow , #DJSkip, #Alternative, #Indie, #Rock ,,#IndieRock, #Canadian, #CollegeRock, #BombshellRadio

radio hootenanny theme – skipthedj & mitch girio*

love songs – the gathering*

blackout – grounders*

the killing floor – def con sound system*

wishlist – lee resistant & the lost*

bound to flood – killercoins*

between the eyes – running from daylight*

008 – mango reinhardt*

buzzard bait – lowfills*

rainstorm – bats in the belfry*

gone (gone, gone) – pretty archie*

(can’t stay) drunk forever – boots & hoots*

drive – catl*

sigue sigue stringray – the reverb syndicate*

mr. moto – the thing from outer space*

norco – the men in gray suits*

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