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The Mike Rogers Show #13

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Mike Rogers Show :
Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST  / Sundays 11am-1pm JST


Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST


The7and6        Dreaming         2:38

Childish Tones            メイクハーマイン       2:07

HAPPY            Lift This Weight           3:28

Kate Clover     07 Heaven Down Here           3:36

The Out-Islanders      Ebb Tide         2:15

The Tomboys It’s All Happening        3:39

THE LET’S GO’s        革のブーツ  1:38

The Coolies    01-Uh Oh!       2:07

Stereogirl         L. S. D.            3:56

Brad Marino     No One Else Tried It   2:30

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra   Blues In The Night      3:05

MAD3  Tokyo Spy Twist       2:21

Crocodiles       Telepathic Lover         3:04

DROPS          Tipsy shoes   3:02

Bad Mary        Sucks to Be You         2:26

Kristin Hersh    LAX     3:50

Glad Machine  Virginia 3:47

Acid     Corrupt            2:13

BABY SHAKES          Love Song in Reverse           2:25

Chewbacca’s     Delta 9          3:16

Guitar Wolf      Love & Jett     2:36

Nervous Eaters           Born To Die     2:34

The 50 Kaitenz            11時55分      2:55

Johnathan Pushkar     Isabella           2:07

Bobby Fuller Four       I Fought the Law         2:20


The Coolies    04-Blueberry Crumble            2:46

THE LET’S GO’s        Heibon Cherry            3:20

HAPPY            Run Run Run  2:18

Parsnip            Lift Off 2:48

Stereogirl      Bokura-wa Wakaku-te Utsukushii         3:05

The Tearaways          Manchester Girl           2:20

Dog Party        08 Queen of Hearts (mastered)(mp3)            2:07

Neatbeats       Come Dance With Me 2:22

Sebastian Straw         My Friend        3:35

Bad Mary        Addicted          1:52

Dollyrots          Rock and Roll All Nite  3:38

HAPPY            Cation 3:09



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