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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan July 20/2019

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— with Rusty Egan.

Soft Particles (Zero Gravity Remix) – Tangerine Dream 
Space Oddity (2019 Mix) (Single Edit) – David Bowie 
We Wont Walk Away Spacebuoy Nebular mix – Analog Angel 
Born For What? – Imi 
Sad Movies – Still Corners 
Mudskipper (Portishead So-So Mix) – Portishead 
Closer To Me (radio edit) – Into the Blood 
Night Escape – Keep Shelly In Athens feat. The New Division 
Need (Edit) – Optic 
I Know – Safetalk 
Closure – Digital Shades featuring Parallels 
Dino Nova – Schwarzschild 
Give It Up (Dicepeople Remix) – Down From Above 
BREAK *** 
Falling out of Love – Four-on-the-Floor Version – Red Sleeping Beauty 
YMO – Technopolis (Single Version) – Yellow Magic Orchestra 
Guyliner – Dorian Electra 
History – Mitra Mitra 
A Little Melody – Sector One 
Set me free (OMEGAGON Remix) 8x 3 – NIGHT VISION 
Control I’m Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix) – Nitzer Erb
To The Moon and Back – Andy Hagerty 
Marionettes – Mitra Mitra 
All But The Road (Arvo Party Remix) – Son of the Hound 
In My Veins (Somelee Remix) – 1921 
Century – Kevin Lux 
Vicious – The New Division 
Setting Sun (feat. Nath Jackson) – The Ocean Beneath 
Computer Don’t Kill Me – Eli Raybon

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