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Jazzamatazz Double Header FRIDAYS 1pm-3pm EST 6pm-8pm BST 10am-12pm PDT

A musical kaleidoscope of 20 groovy,funky,jazzy,rocking,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 78. Enjoy the trip.

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1 Teenie Weenie Boppie France Gall
2 Eruption 70’s Porn Funk
3 Fever Special Big Boss Man
4 Salud, Amor Y Dinero Dieter Reith
5 Sweet Bacon Julian Covey & the Machine
6 Oof (Do Anything I Want) Chuck Colbert
7 Moscow Queen The Bongolian
8 I Like It Like That Pere Rodriguez
9 Mi Guajira Si Tito RodrÌguez
10 Friendship Train Rosetta Hightower
11 Flashlights Hugo Strausser und sein Tanzorchestra
12 Heavy Action Johnny Pearson
13 Marihuana Mantra Kuno & the Marihuana Brass
14 The World Tomorrow Armando Sciascia And His Orchestra
15 Deep Throat M. Colliccio ft Laura Greene
16 Dream Machine George Fenton & Ken Freeman
17 Santana Okko Bekker
18 Coming On Home James Clarke
19 Fife Piper The Dynatones
20 Bang Bang Joe Cuba

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