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SNEAK PEEK June 25.2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-2pm EST Artefaktor Radio we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek, #Synthwave, #Synthpop, #NewMusic , #Mix , #ArtefaktorRadio , #BombshellRadio , #NowPlaying, #BombshellRadio

THIS WEEK: Great show! 40 tracks + 1 Flashback 

Blueonsilver – Vinlandia 9 
#MIRRORS – Dreams 
Japanese Breakfast – Head Over Heels 
Maple & Beech – Hot Air 
Nadia Vaeh – Naked 
The Regrettes – I Dare You 
Nicolás Díaz – Wrong Place Nice Car ft Screamershock 
Electric Youth – The Life 
Amadeus Vegas – Umbra 
Arriega Beats feat. Manfred Thomaser – Change (!distain Remix) 
Kris Baha – Serve, Obey 
Instupendo – Pinch 
Sea Of Sin – You (Reflection Remix) 
Mashrou Leila – Cavalry English Version Joe Goddard Re-Edit Dub 
Hot Chip – No God 
Empathy Test – A River Loves a Stone (Ari Mason Remix) 
The Ocean Beneath featuring Nath Jackson – Setting Sun 
Sky Civilian – Let’s Be Easy 
Sulkin’ Raven – Steppin’ 
Glass Apple Bonzai – Machines 
Projekt Ich – The Lightman feat. Oleg Degtiarev (Lilith My Mother) (Ideophobia Remix) 
Frust – Topaze 
Xotox – Paleodisco (Club-Mix) 
Coloray – Stand Up Straight 
Xarah Dion – Ethos Eros 
Analogue Electronic Whatever – Fly me to the moon 
BANADU – Good Time 
INVŌKER – Churches 
Kevin Lux – Numbers Two Four 
II0I0I0II – Haloed Eyes (Grendel Remix) 
Caroline McLavy – I-Lied-Ricardo-Autobahn-12 
Accidental Allies – The Priest And The Sinner 
Gibba – World Wide Wave 
New Neon – Synergy (Scyia Static Modulation Remix) 
Kirlian Camera – Polar-Ihs (Remix) 
Accessory – At Night All Cats Are Gray 
POS2 – Electropop 
Leg Puppy – NDA 
memory theater – Eyes Within Night 
George Ergemlidze – Retrofuturistic



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