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“Matthew Edwards May Have Just Recorded His Last Album”

Although he’s in an admitted state of grace about his band’s new album The Birmingham Poets, singer/songwriter Matthew Edwards isn’t sure he’s got it in him to do another. While recording the album Edwards’ parents passed away, a member of his band fought through a serious illness and another experienced a wrenching breakup. In other words, the experience was fraught with darkness and emotionally trying times. But tested as Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates were, they came through it all with one of the most beautiful and moving albums of 2019. “If this is the last one,” he tells Alex, “I’m incredibly happy with it.” In this entertaining and probing chat, Edwards tells Alex about what it was like growing up in Birmingham, his perception of California and how he feels about the new Robert Forster record. He also talks about his love of Broadcast, the danger of sentimentality and why you should never trust a man who juggles…

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