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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan June 15/2019

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— with Rusty Egan.

Play WIth Fire (Northern Kind remix) – Vile Electrodes 
The Contract – Northern Kind 
Thrash – Cowboys International 
The Dancer – Visage 
Visage – David Carretta 
twist u up (my words) – vonna & sisyfuss 
Missing U (Silk City & Picard Brothers Remix) – Robyn 
This Love LA Rush Radio Mix – Stockholm Nightlife 
The Feeling – Northern Kind 
More (feat Elena Pitoulis) – JAN BLOMQVIST 
Last Night – Benjamin Fröhlich;Dreamcast 
Insults (Crisscross Remix) – Simple Madness 
Empty Handed – Empathy Test 
Let You Go – FM Attack 
Clockwork Orange – Walter Carlos 
BREAK *** 
Colours – Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail 
Semaphore – Tiny Magnetic Pets 
Will You? – Hazel O’Connor 
Daddy – Lafawndah 
Nobody’s Watching (feat. Marble Slave & Fragrance) – Hante. 
The Case Where I Find Love – Moonlight Breakfast 
Something About Plastic Love – Daft Punk Maria Takeuchi 
Something About You [Shep Pettibone Remix] – Level 42 
So Long, Goodbye – Torul 
Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight – Dominatrix 
A River Loves a Stone – Empathy Test 
Blue Cabaret – Ronny 
Queer – Julia Bondar


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