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Jazzamatazz – Drama O Rama

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Bombshell Radio Jazzamatazz Double Header Today 2pm-4pm EST 8pm -10pm BST 11am-1pm PDT Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)

A musical kaleidoscope of 26 groovy, funky, jazzy, rocking , far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 73. Enjoy the trip.

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1 Beat Me ‘Til I’m Blue The Mohawks
2 Lucky Seven Bongolian
3 Dynamite Tony Camillo’s Bazuka
4 The Pick Up Mike Moran
5 Unfinished Business Andrew Kingslow
6 Good Time Woman Dan Seepers Soul
7 Theme from 2001 Hoctor All Star Band
8 Full Flight Syd Dale
9 Easy Dreamer Piero Piccioni
10 Il Commissario Di Ferro Lallo Gori
11 Yardleys Pilot Mike Sammes Singers
12 Asteroid Pete Moore
13 Indian Pop Bass Guy Pedersen
14 Disco Tek Syd Dale Orchestra
15 Boogie Juice Brian Bennett
16 Party House Pop Keith Mansfield
17 Eine kleine Hasenmusik Hase Casar
18 Life of Luxury James Clarke
19 Perfect Performance George Fenton & Ken Freeman
20 Fun at the Seaside Syd Dale
21 Holiday Commercial Alan Hawkshaw
22 Sissy Walk Freedom Now Brother
23 I Promise To Remember Jimmy Castor Bunch
24 Ruth Down (And Get It) Jimmy Smith
25 Jaguar Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra
26 Untitled Mike Sammes Singers

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