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“Jenn Vix Is NOT Having It”

Jenn Vix admits that at this point in her life, her fuse is smaller than it’s ever been and she refuses to tolerate nonsense from anyone. “I can’t afford to,” she says. “I’m not going to tolerate crap from anyone…Jenn Vix is NOT having it.” With a voice that’s sonorous, soulful and stirring, Vix is one of the most fascinating and inspiring artists around. Refusing to be seen as a victim, Vix has confronted her battle with PTSD as well as recent medical scares that nearly killed her with self-empowering sovereignty and advocacy. In this unflinching, honest and inspiring conversation, Vix talks to Alex about how hard it was not to be able to make or listen to music, the rigors of being a recording artist in 2019 and her new role with the band Positive Negative Man. She also chats about working with the late drummer Andy Anderson of The Cure, her new EP 6 and why she decided to intentionally write a pop song….

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