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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan May 4/2019

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— with Rusty Egan.

Wanderlust I – Schiller 
Candy – Chromatics 
Time Rider – Chromatics 
Fall – Static Shore 
Bad Girl Jim Stout s Murder Scene Mix – Night Club 
Answers (The New Division Remix) – Trade Secrets 
Between The Lines – Robyn 
On the verge of tears – Gentle touch 
I Don’t Depend On You – The Men 
Dancing On My Own – Robyn 
Into the Groove – Into the Blood 
Rocks (Studio Barnhus) – Kornél Kovács 
The Science of Gaia – Chris Payne 
Crawling To The Void – Fragrance. 
By My Side – Empathy Test 
Don’t Fear The Reaper 12” – Rose McDowall 
Frozen Ground (Split Mirrors Remix) – Cinimascape 
Must Be the One – She Wants Revenge 
Devotion – New Neon 
Superdiscoteca – Myd 
Yr Body Is Nothing – Boy Harsher 
Frozen Ground (feat. Giuseppe De Luca) – ilan Bluestone 
The Swedish Winter – Red Sleeping Beauty 
I Second That Emotion (12″ Version) – Japan 
Cover Me (Radio Edit) – Depeche Mode 
Sold – Rusty Egan Mix – Len Sander 
Shattered Dreams (GlitterWølf Remix) – IDEON 
Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil – -Cocteau Twins 
Blade Runner-Love Theme – Vangelis

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