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Jazzamatazz – Weekend Binge (1hr)

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Bombshell Radio Jazzamatazz Double Header Today 1pm-3pm EST Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)

A musical kaleidoscope of 21 groovy,funky,jazzy,rocking,far-out & fun tracks. A genre juggling journey into sound. Volume 68. Enjoy the trip.

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1 Silver Thrust Peter Reno
2 Del-Ray Bongolian
3 Easy Going Graham Walker,Elliot Ireland & Alessandro Rizzo
4 French Lick David Lindup
5 Sell Your Soul Big Boss Man
6 The Mobius Strip Trillian Miles
7 Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra
8 Suicide Is Painless Johnny Mandel & Michael Altman
9 City Centre David Gold
10 African Love The Afro Rhythm Group
11 Pretexte Pour Indicatifs Guy Pederson
12 Watermelon Man Dave Kamien Division
13 I Could Be So Good for You Denis Waterman
14 Jan Jan The Fabulous Counts
15 Sweeny todd Alan Parker
16 The Tramp Pt 1 The Showmmen Inc
17 Caravan The Ventures
18 Sunset The Nu-Notes
19 Man Before Your Time Franco Micalizzi
20 City At Leisure David Gold
21 One Way Trip (Cool Version) Sam Fonyeyn

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