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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell RadioToday 2pm-3pm EST 11pm-12pm PDT 7pm-8pm BST Stereo Embers Magazine Alex Green #Interview w/ Lissie

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“Lissie Finds Romance In Knowing How Things Work”

Having relocated from Ojai to a 50-acre farm in Iowa, Lissie has gone from the California life to the more…rustic life. And for this fledgling farmer, knowing how things work and finding an immense capability in one’s self is a decidedly romantic idea. The Illinois-born singer/songwriter has a rather busy last decade, releasing five albums, collaborating with Elton John and Snow Patrol, opening for Lenny Kravitz and Tom Petty and appearing on Twin Peaks. But Lissie is in a new phase in her life and as she surveys her new acreage, she’s also finding new things out about herself. From knitting to making flower beds, Lissie is settling into farm life in the most seamless of ways. In this chat she talks to Alex about leaving California, her relationship with her voice and how each album she’s made represents a specific time in her life. She also talks about why we choose bad relationships even though we know better, how she is with outward affection and why she keeps watching old episodes of “The Office.”

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