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Addictions and Other Vices 591 – Days Like These!!!

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Addictions and Other Vices Podcast

Today 2pm-4pm EST 8pm-10pm EST

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It’s showtime and it’s time to check out & play submissions from our overflowing Addictions Inbox and a few new discoveries we felt the urge to share. Thanks to all the Labels, Artists and PR companies that sent in tracks this week.

This Week with David Rovics : The Venezuela DeceptionThe US, the UK and other colonial powers have a long history of conducting exactly the kinds of crimes against humanity that they are currently carrying out on the Venezuelan people, in yet another naked effort to sabotage and then overthrow another popular Latin American democracy.

  1. Fountains Of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
  2. She Said / The Jins
  3. I Know I Know I Know / James Parm
  4. Reflections / Brudini
  5. Be Seeing You / Soccer Mommy
  6. My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade (audio)
  7. In A Field Full Of Sheep / Noctorum
  8. Sofia (CMU) / The Popravinas
  9. Respectable Street / XTC
  10. Woods / Henrys Sun
  11. Dance / Tim Baker
  12. No Surprises / Radiohead
  13. Somebody That I Used To Know / Gotye Feat Kimbra
  14. The Great Deception / Van Morrison
  15. Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver) / Elvis Costello
  16. Deceiver / The Pale White
  17. Deceive a Believer / The Frixion
  18. The Great Deceiver / King Crimson
  19. Waves / Robbie Hutton
  20. No Rainbows In The Desert (Pluto Tapes) / Unlike Pluto
  21. Memory / Jordan Indiana Gonzalez
  22. Held to Light / Max Gowan
  23. Not So Simple Sharon Says / The Claim
  24. The Way I Am / Wild Horse
  25. Rock Lobster / The B-52’S

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