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Stereo Embers The Podcast: Bill Pritchard (Part One)

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Alex Green #Interview w/ Bill Pritchard

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“If Bill Pritchard Is Such A Recluse, How Come We’re Chatting On The Phone?” (Part One)
Over the course of his career, Bill Pritchard has made some of the most stirringly lovely music you’ll ever hear. But, the British-born singer songwriter has, over the years, developed something of an elusive sheen and was even once dubbed the “JD Salinger of Pop” by Rolling Stone France. But, in Part One of this engaging and entertaining chat, Pritchard talks to Alex about why he’s perceived as being elusive (he’s really not!),what makes art last and the Buzzcocks. Pritchard’s new album is called Midland Lullabies and it’s not only one of the year’s very best, it’s an album of poetic finesse and pop grace.Pritchard also talks about his take on his older work, Paul Weller’s songwriting prowess and his love of John Otway.

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