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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 03/02/2019

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— with Rusty Egan.

It’s My Life – Talk-Talk

Such A Shame (12″ Mix) – Talk Talk

Safe And Sound – Justice

Crawling To The Void – Fragrance.

Year of the Cat (Digital Visions Re-Edit) – Al Stewart

Hero – -SanFranDisko Re-Edit – Rusty Egan Presents Feat Andy Huntley

Only When You Leav Added Drums – Spandau

It’s My Life 12” – Talk Talk

Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix) – Depeche Mode

The Upside Down (Maschine Brennt Remix) – Vogon Poetry

Isambard Kingdom Brunel – Alien Skin

Approaching (intro) – Moskva-Kassiopeya

Elkectrified – Boris Blank

I love you test master – Carlos Peron

Living In Another World (Extended Remix) – Talk Talk

Imagination- SanFranDisko’s Old Chop Up – Belouise Some

Lost in Frame – Kriistal Ann

It’s Over – Trevor Something

Running Up That Hill – Arvo Party – LARKS

Sanctified Ultra Mix – Fused

Things We’ve Done (Synthpop Remix) – M.I.N.E

Melding Of The Minds – Heliophile

California Tears – Keep Shelly in Athens

1000 Years From Today – The Beloved

Saudade (Concise Mix) – Pas de la Dame Sauvage

A new Jerusalem – Mark Hollis

Don’t Speak – No Doubt

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