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Alex Green #Interview w/ City Of Sound

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“Jordan Wright Didn’t Sleep In A Bed Until He Was Married”
When he arrived in Los Angeles from Indiana, City of Sound frontman Jordan Wright knew no one. But thanks to his gregarious nature and endless charisma, he madefriends fast and crashed on couches and floors while pursuing his musical career. Of course whenhis wife moved to L.A. to be with him he had to get a bed immediately, but Wright’s commitment to his craft and his discipline for his art kept him for four years doing nothingbut perfecting his art. The result is City Of Sound, an band whose sound can only bedescribed as anthems in need of a stadium to soar across. In this entertaining chat Wrighttalks to Alex about marital arts, studying music in Australia and the rules his band followsto keep their standards high. He also talks about cornering for violinist Lucy Nova and his love ofColdplay and Alex teases him about not calling his parents in a month….

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