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Sneak Peek – Feb 19 / 2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-2pm EST

Artefaktor Radio

we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek, #Synthwave, #Synthpop, #NewMusic , #Mix , #ArtefaktorRadio , #BombshellRadio , #NowPlaying

Tiny Magnetic Pets – A Strange Kind Of Loneliness 
Lights A.M. – Shine Our Lights 
Future Trail – MOVE AND TURN 
Mach Fox and I Ya Toyah – Smile That Killed A Country (Code Blue Mix) 
Blonde Mom – Monitored World 
Obsqure & Suz – Open Flame (Original) 
Lloyd Price – Polemic 
I Am Snow Angel – Mothership 
M.I.N.E. – Things We’ve Done (Synthpop Remix) 
5thPlanet – GreenSky 
Alan Dreezer – I Don’t Wanna Know 
Jessie Ware – Adore You 
Efilheim – Retrological 
Downtowndan – On My Way 
Hannya White – Project CONCUBINE – Some News 
AfterDark – Gravity 12 Fused Headstar remix 
Le Twan – Amagolythe 
Millionyoung – Work 
NITE – Full Of Rage 
Crowd Of One – Dream Of Me 
Jeff Appleton – Stuffage Two 
Centre Excuse – Thank You (For Moving Me Up) 
MDA – Couldn’t We – (Darwinmcd Remix) 
Alien Skin – Isambard Kingdom Brunel 
Jeff McCall – After The Peace 
Mr.Kitty – Whip 
New Neon – Darkness 
echostep – A Little Respect 
Red Flag – Endless 
Mind Machine – Here And There 
Fnord – Cambodia 
Stromfire – The 80s Never Went Away 
Buzzing Sound Candy – Rise of the drum machines (Christo Remix) 
B-Movie – Somewhere Cold (After The Rain mix) 
LEATHERS – Phantom Heart 
Fused – Sanctified Radio Edit

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