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Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #281

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The Apples In Stereo – Shine A Light (Tone Soul Evolution LP) 
Arthur Alexander – I’ll Get Your Love Someday (One Bar Left LP) 
Eugenius – Bed In (Oomalama LP) 
Andre’ M – Dodged A Bullet (Single) 
Diamond Hands – Maybe Tomorrow (You Are The Cosmos LP) 
Venus – Deranged (Single) 
Caesars – Over ‘Fore It Started (Love For The Streets LP) 
El Mapache – Just Another Pink Rock Song (Single) 
Sons Of Morning – Evangeline (Single) 
Tiger Bomb – Here He Comes (Uproar LP) 
Quitters – Burn Your House Down (Singing Like Nobodies Listening EP) 
The Details – For Anyone To Claim (To Charles Dickens And Back LP) 
Lazars Finest – Boracho (Single) 
The Undertones – Get Over You (The Undertones LP) 
The Chromosomes – Leavin’ Canada (Losing Eleven LP) 
Danny Wilkerson – Let It Go Tonight (Wilkerson LP) 
Richard Turgeon – Hey Jealousy (Single) 
The Speed Of Sound – I’m Real (Single) 
Bang 74 – Can You Fix Me Up With Her (Single)

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