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Jasper PR – Saucy Singles 006

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Bombshell Radio Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)
Jasper PR  Today 10am 11am EST 10pm-12pm 

Repeats Saturday 11am-12pm EST and Sunday 1pm -2pm EST

Thanks to Crysta Lynn of Jasper Music PR and Plugging for constantly supplying us with great new artists and for putting another Saucy Mix together.

We hope you enjoy!

Jasper Music PR & Radio Plugging is the international voice for indie artists, bands and labels. We have a passion for music and the expertise to spread the word. Looking for support on an upcoming EP or album release? Need your music put in the hands of print and radio media? Get in touch! Contact us at for more details.

Track Listing:

  1. Fussy by Sinka
  2. You’re Always Right by Darma
  3. Dead Inside by Younger Hunger
  4. Fill Your Boots by Goldblume
  5. Disappear by Western Jaguar
  6. Biology by Pickle Darling
  7. Jukebox Babe by Moon Duo
  8. Plans in Slo-Mo by Porcupine
  9. Hey You by Darma
  10. Natural by Oceans on Mars
  11. Burn Forever by LOWLIVES
  12. Outside by The Cowls
  13. Sleepwalker by Crooked Ghost
  14. Sober Sparkles by Marlboro
  15. Just Lick Me by Emma Dorsey
  16. Drip by Stone Cold Fiction

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