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Sneak Peek – Jan 29 / 2019

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)

Artefaktor Radio

we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico. Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy! #SneakPeek

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio)

Bombshell Radio Artefaktor Radio

Church of Trees ft Jill Beaulieu – I Can’t Be Loved 
Leg Puppy – She’s Lost Her Soul – Grade II 
5udo – Lyra 
Hollowlove – I Love My Computer 
Banana Cream – We’ll Shine 
This Human Condition – Normal (Time in Antarctica Remix) 
This Human Condition – Normal (Wow Wow Robo Remix) 
Fury Weekend Scandroid – Euphoria 
ALPHABOT – About Last Night 
Millennium Falck – Why won’t you love me now 
Arctic Sunrise – Surrender (Restriction 9 Remix) 
Futurecop! & Parallels – We Belong (Michael Elliot Remix) 
Bas Antonan – Gimme more 
Toze One – Elyktrosynthysys 
Vogon Poetry – The Upside Down (Maschine Brennt Remix) 
Two People – Look At Each Other 
Newphobia – Corporate 
Toze One – Defyndr 
Hannah Stewart – Afterglow 
Rodrics – Provocation 
Bad Wave – Blue 
Herhuth AfterDark – Reason (Original) 
Autistic Disco – Moshpit 
Morgan King – Alien (Phuzzed Up Remix) 
Glenn Love – Cheetah 
Boy Harsher – LA 
Cathedral Bells – Ethereal Shadow 
Nius X – Another World 
Handful Of Snowdrops – Light House (Future Islands cover)

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