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Lynchland -Lynchian #19

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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) Bombshell Radio Lynchland – David Lynch Archivist
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Our new mixes features some of the latest lynchian tunes out there at the moment: Volcano Kings’s “Neil and Madeleine” (from the “Wasteland” EP released a few days ago) or Bambara’s “Back Home”, from their LP “Shadow on Everything”, are just some examples of the excellent cinematic music produced over the past few months. It’s been good to hear lately that many new acts continue to carry the flame! You may also notice here and there that “Twin Peaks ó The Return” has already inspired some musicians…
Enjoy our new playlist, thanks for listening!

01 Volcano Kings – Neil and Madeleine 00:00
02 Torres – Helen in the Woods 02:00
03 Lowering – Father 04:30
04 Bambara – Back Home 07:50
05 Astral Brew – Space Solitude 10:50
06 Twilight Hotel – Ham Radio Blues 16:15
07 Death and Vanilla – The Bouncing Head 20:30
08 Renata Zeiguer – Follow Me Down 24:05
09 Sunrot – Angry Downer 28:25
10 The Howling Void – Silence and the Setting Sun 29:50
11 La Luz – Walking into the Sun 36:50
12 SUSS – Rain 39:30
13 Half Waif – Silt 43:30
14 Oceans of Slumber – The Watcher 47:25
15 Candice Gordon – Smoke in the Air 49:40

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