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For The Record – Jan 23 / 2019

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00:00 “Down in the Park”,”Gary Numan & Tubeway Army”

03:58 “Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Renegade Soundwave Remix)”,”Gary Numan / Tubeway Army”

09:08 “Losing Touch”,”Empathy Test”

12:59 “Seeing Stars”,”Empathy Test”

17:30 “Do It”,”Chinese Disco”

20:38 “Paris 9

2″,”Chinese Disco”

24:09 Sarrasin,Noisense

29:09 “Tales of Fiction”,”Sun Mahshene”

34:29 “Come Alive (Leave This City)”,”Sun Mahshene”

39:10 Octavius,”Across the Snow”

45:10 Curiosity,”Paragon Cause”

50:00 “Next Time (Ambient)”,”Paragon Cause”

53:20 “The S

tory So Far”,”McKinley Dixon”



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