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Alana Davis Saw Bad Brains When She Was Twelve”
Although you might not know it by listening to Alana Davis’ brand of sultry soul, she’s a huge fan of hardcore. So much so, that at 12 she got a fake ID so she could see shows at CBGB’s. Transfixed by the power and truth of the legendary band, Davis became a lifelong fan. Although her original plan was to be the bassist in a reggae band, Davis ended up stepping up to the mic and the result has been a career punctuated by a Grammy nomination, collaborations with Jay-Z and Pharrrell, and an ubiquitous hit that was all over MTV. In this candid and energetic chat Davis talkst o Alex about singing Aretha Franklin songs in the shower, growingup in Greenwich Village and her new album Love Again. She also talks about her penchant for statistics, hearing her music in Whole Foods and her musical relationship with her father.

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