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Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More #276

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1) Internet Friends – Molly (Single) 
2) Pop – New Again (Single) 
3) El Mapache – Cocktail Bar (Single) 
4) Empty Hours – Radio (It’s About Time LP) 
5) Kurt Baker – Yesterday Tomorrow (Let’s Go Wild LP) 
6) Dave Sheinin – Talking To Myself (First Thing Tomorrow LP) 
7) Simon Love – The New Adam And Eve (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time LP) 
8) Dennis Elsworth – Stoned (Single) 
9) Popsik – Red (Single) 
10) Phylis Johnson – Mr Calahan Single) 
11) Dropkick – Out Of Tune (Longwave LP) 
12) Car City – Connecting The Dots (Car City LP) 
13) Paul Collins – Tick Tock (Out Of My Head LP) 
14) Daniel Insa – Love Music Friends (Still Works LP) 
15) Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans – Build a Boat (Self Titled LP) 
16) Tom Curless – Always Bloom Forever (Songs Of Movement LP) 
17) The Stan Laurels – I Want To Believe (Maybe LP) 
18) Nick Piunti – No Return (Temporary High LP) 
19) Dr Bird – Bedtime Stories (Bedtime Stories LP) 
20) Tiger Bomb – Baby Come On (Uproar LP) Portland 
21) The Dahlmanns – Get It Right (Single) Beluga Records 
22) Allrighters – You’re The One Fore Me (There’s a Light LP) 
23) Katie Hallam – On The Edge Of My World (ICM Comp 2018) 
24) The Suncharms – Red Dust (Single) 
25) Athanor – Now I Know (Hills Of The Universe LP) 
26) The Turnback – Your Fragile Wall (Spinning The Earth In Reverse LP) 
27) Caper Clowns – Paper Trails (A Salty Taste To The Lake LP) 
28) Go Dog Go – Stop And Think It Over (Old Enough LP) 
29) Chris Lund – Tell Me (Great Event Syndrome LP) 
30) Sungraze – Midnight Light (Single) 
31) Los Turistas – Casi Tocamos El Cielo (Casi Tocamos El Cielo LP) Malaga Spain 
32) Checkpoint Charley – Childs Play (Songs 13 – 24 LP) 
33) Tremendous – Rock & Roll Satellite (Single) Birmingham 
34) White Flag Dares – Make My Day (Single) 
35) Tommy Lorente & La Cavalerie – Ne Parle Pas De Nous (Don’t Talk About Us) 
36) Teenage Frames – She Knows (Still Pissed LP)



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