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The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show w/ Rusty Egan 12/18/2018

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— with Rusty Egan.

Donnie Darko – Let’s Eat Grandma 
Distant Storm (Radio Edit) – Blancmange 
Repetition Rusty Egan Electro Mix 120 bpm – B-Movie 
Someday – Katja Von Kassel 
Zukunftsmusik ft Wolfgang Fluer – U96/ft Wolfgang Fluer 
Die Dimension (Marcus Worgull Remix) – Perel 
It’s You (Full Version) – Fiat Lux 
Laws Of Motion (Feat. White Sea) – Man Without Country 
Jesus Said – Hilary Woods 
Chaos Downtown in ChinaTown – Stolen 
Subsequently lost my mind – Polly Scattergood 
Nere För Räkning – Page 
Comrades – Rodney Cromwell 
Mad but Soft – Mecha Maiko 
Promises – Emika 
Don´t You Know I´m In A Band – Confidence Man 

Northern Lights – Soft Cell 
STARS IN MY EYES – Duggie Fields & Marianne Faithfull 
Marry Me – Farao 
Stalingrad – B-Movie 
Scary World – Night Club 
Voodoo (feat. Aesthetic Perfection) – Nyxx 
80’s Girl (Original Mix) – NINA 
It Will End Here (Edit) – Gary Numan 
Midnight City – Perla Blue 
Utopia – Johan Baeckstrom 
Spider – Exit North 
The Days I Dreamed Of You (Radio Edit) – DepthCruiser 
Dancing At The Edge Of The World – Sarah Nixey 
Entropy – Reed & Caroline 
Lafayette – Man Without Country 
Fold – ionnalee

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